your daily dose of spiritual food


181. twilight over the trees in minneapolis

clouds dancing

to the dwindling light

lingering in the sky

deep blues

bright oranges

they collide

into the clouds

soft ethereal skin

bathing in divine radiance

180. little crab exploring out of its hole

venturing out into the unknown

can be scary

it can be very fun as well

the choice is made inside your self

enjoy the present

it is all there is

and it is all yours

179. gondolas flying over a mountain pass

we are all in this together

no matter how separate

how individual we may think we are from one another

flying in our little bubbles

we are all part of each other

all one

what you see

is a reflection of your self

178. children playing the african drums

when you hear the drums beat

an ancestral rhythm

starts moving you

from inside out

born inside the heart

the beat fills you up with life

bringing people together

for the joy of being together

a wisdom so profound

words become unnecessary

177. lassen peak reflecting upon helen lake

how turbulent are the thoughts growing inside of you?

when the waters of the mind become calm

the reflection staring back at you is clear

these moments of clarity

allow a glimpse

into the real

into the boundless

beautiful self you embody

set sail onto the vast expanses of your mind

look for your reflection

what do you see

staring back at you?

176. sliced durian at a market in bangkok


intensely pungent

unquestionably unique

loved by some, hated by others

opinions opinions

say what they say

be who you are

listen to your self

honor what is pure

it comes from within

go inside

let it shine

175. light between two hong kong skyscrapers

when a dream is born inside

and you feel the call to create your vision

fear may come into your mind

disguised as doubt

it can creep into your heart and kill your dreams

paralyzing your creative impulse

release the illusion of fear

there is a unique voice inside

seek it

go within

find your voice

bring your light into the world

174. dragonfly perched on a hibiscus petal

fragile and impermanent

in a constant state of change

life is fleeting

it comes

it goes

through the fluctuations

remain present

enjoy every single moment

every single breath

you are whole

one with everything and everyone around you

173. north avenue beach house from the top of the john hancock

from up high

everything down below seems tiny

a unique vantage point

to put life into perspective

we are a tiny particles dancing

in a boundless playground

so let go of your worries

embrace your dreams

and fly high

172. blue gold macaw observing past its right wing

a sun ray catches the lens of the bird’s eye

setting it aflame

a sublime combination

of color and form

nature coming alive

to express its wondrous and infinite beauty