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7. north beach

IMG_8571 crop

san francisco. city of cities. as this site comes to be one week old, i find myself being one year old in san francisco. this city has seen my tears, my blood, my sweat, my joy to be alive and breathing. good moments and bad, this city is my friend, the one who has stuck with me through it all, and still does. this post is for you, san francisco. thank you for inspiring me. on behalf of us lovers, writers, painters, designers, photographers,  musicians, yogis, tree-huggers, bikers, my heart is yours.

the scene being depicted here is the quintessential trolly line coming down mason street, as seen from columbus street, as the sun is just beginning to rise. this was a path well travelled for the six months that i lived in north beach, the little italy of this city. speaking of quintessentials, how could i leave out the rolling hills, the victorian flats, the sweeping fog, the power lines that give this city its unspoken identity? i could not, of course.


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