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8. dude plays the tuba

IMG_4779a screen

another beautiful sunday! we san franciscans get blessed every year with the so-called ‘indian summer’, a summer time that comes to the city in october, temporarilly telling the fog to fog off and go hang out somewhere else for us to have some fun in the sun! In my previous post, you got a glimpse of north beach, my old neighborhood, which you will be seeing lots more of. in this post, i give you a peek into my new neighborhood, alamo square. a beautiful amalgamation of locals and tourists congregate here to brave the high altitude winds and, occassionally get a good spot in the sun. when it gets too cold, we walk down to dolores park. the locals let their dogs loose, some bring their instruments and unwind, perhaps with some wine and just catch up with friends and neighbors. the tourists come and take pictures in front of the ‘painted ladies’, the houses immortalized by the tv show full house. it doesn’t hurt that you get a splendid view of the city, with the slender transamerica pyramid, the ominous bank of america tower and the curvaceous cathedral of st. mary of the assumption in full view to just name a few. that day, a sunday just a few weeks ago, this dude was playing his tuba like there was no tomorrow, filling me with a grin that only that moment can describe.

san franciscans, the sun is out, get outside and enjoy your sunday!


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