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lost in the dirt roads in the mountains of santa maría de dota, this ‘campesino’ (countryman) kindly stopped to guide us on our way. this is the kind of person that makes costa rica such an amazing place. with a ‘chonete’ (typical hat) proudly showing a sun-washed costa rican flag, a well-worn walking stick, his sack and machete at the belt, he braves the outdoors all day, working the land, maintaining a happy, warm, generous and hospitable spirit. there are no addresses in these parts of the world. all you have to guide yourself by are the prominent landmarks: a large tree, a known establishment, an old family’s home. it doesn’t even matter if these are still standing, because once they are not, they remain standing still in the hearts and memories of the people. so we just add the word “antiguo” to denote a place that once was there, and so it gets handed down generation after generation.


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