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giant blocks of ice made a small white mountain outside the civic center at the back of the loading dock. disney on ice had come and gone from the small, charming city of savannah. and now, that giant slab of ice needed to go. the easiest solution was to just break it up and toss it out the back. all i can think of now is how many homes could have been cooled with this ice, how many thirsty people could have quenched their parched throats, how much water and energy were wasted in order to amuse first-worlders, where so many people don’t even have a drop to drink. at the time, we found it really amusing. the crystals reflected the savannah sunlight in all colors and directions, sculptures began to emerge from the brilliant heap. my friend even biked up and down it. now i have this image to remind me that one man’s trash is another’s treasure, that resources must be honored, used and designed with all in mind.

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