your daily dose of spiritual food


our planet is made mostly out of water.

of all this water, only a fraction of one percent (0.014%) of it is actually available for drinking.

there are almost seven billion people and counting.

in savannah, georgia, the smell of the water hits you like a brick in the face.

the ‘drinking water’ smells like rotten eggs and cheese on old, wet running shoes with the soggy socks left in them.

what you see here is one of the many colossal tankers that penetrate up the beautiful savannah river and into the port, one of the largest in the country.

like floating city blocks, the massive giants make their way dumping petroleum waste into the air and into the water.

like a poisonous snake in the wild, the red color suits its volatility.

the big, white banner states: warning, no naked lights, no smoking, no unauthorized persons, no mobile phones.

before leaving office, bush passed a law allowing the removal of the mercury sensors in the savannah river, letting who knows how much more industrial waste to be dumped in it.

i wonder how much of that fraction of a percentage of drinking water is not yet contaminated.

let’s keep water in mind, let’s keep this tanker in mind, let’s keep each other in mind.

let’s be mindful of every decision we make. big or small, you alone are what makes change happen.

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