your daily dose of spiritual food


my toes reveling in the smooth sand, i walk for miles along a beautiful, remote beach on my way through corcovado national park.

tide high, a narrow strip of sand is my lifeline between two majestic walls, one of wild forest and the other of raging oceans.

like perfect pieces of sculpture, the rocks come out of the sea.

they look up to the skies, to the resembling clouds, in reverence to their ancestors.

some parts of the world remain full of raw life still. others are not this fortunate.

obama called the oil spill that just occurred on the gulf of mexico “a massive and potentially unprecedented environmental disaster”.

people and wildlife have already died and the extent of the damage is unknown.

let us place our efforts and prayers that we may replace the use of oil for a clean source entirely and that we may clean this abused planet and care for the life it still miraculously holds.

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