your daily dose of spiritual food

97. st. mary

biking back from work one day, i found myself face to face with the cathedral of saint mary of the assumption.

visible from all over the city, i had seen its distinguished profile from afar and up close countless times before.

yet i had never been in it.

feeling very sick, tired, alone and disorientated, i felt drawn to it.

knowing that it’s always locked, i parked my bike and gave it a shot anyways.

to my surprise and delight, it was open.

a symphony of light and shadow on the sculptural forms played against brilliant displays of color bursting through the stained glass.

concrete soared in the air, creating a magnificent, undulating, gigantic cave.

the heavy silence and scale made me feel tiny and contemplative.

walking alone down the dark, empty wings, i looked out into the city.

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