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115. tiffany’s

right in the heart of downtown chicago, there is a jewel in a box.

despite its offputting ‘tinted office-building windows’, the chicago cultural center has a lot to offer.

What used to be a library is now a thriving cultural center holding artist events and exhibitions of all kinds.

as i walked up to the louis sullivan exhibition, a lively youth poetry slam greeted me in the lobby.

beyond nurturing the arts, its interior holds invaluable architectural treasures, like the great dome.

a dazzling spectacle of light, it is claimed to be the world’s largest tiffany stained-glass dome.

it is the centerpiece to a larger than life room dedicated to the gods of literature.

marble mosaics rivaling justinian and theodora show the names of the great authors of humanity, along with some memorable phrases encrusted on every surface of the airy space.

there i sat, along with miguel de cervantes and walt whitman.

i stared at ralph waldo emerson’s name in carrara mosaic tiles and smiled at some of my favorite compositions of the written word.

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