your daily dose of spiritual food


172. blue gold macaw observing past its right wing

a sun ray catches the lens of the bird’s eye

setting it aflame

a sublime combination

of color and form

nature coming alive

to express its wondrous and infinite beauty

156. needle rays

capturing the light of dawn

the cactus mimics the rays of the rising sun

an explosion of energy

reaching out in every direction

space becomes filled with light

scale up or down

inside or out

smallest of small

to biggest of big

life repeats itself

through time and space

familiar patterns emerge

over and again

subtle evidence

the same oneness of it all

that we are so blessed to be part of


145. family

what makes us kin?

is it blood, is it likeness? is it closeness, is it kindness?

what are the bonds that tie us together?

once we see that we are all one

then we can see our selves as we are

all connected, all woven together

we are the threads that make up this rug that is the universe

one love

one family



IMG_9903 copy

day three at arizona. after the closing sessions at greenbuild, michael, the son of michelle, one of my mother’s lifelong friends, picked me up and we drove north to cave creek, to their home, a beautiful place i visited more than ten years ago on a family trip. outside of the city, arizona has some truly breathtaking places. endless varieties of cacti greet you on the road, everywhere seems full of wilderness and diversity, despite of the development and sprawl that continues to ravage the land. that afternoon, we went hiking with linsey and the five awesome dogs (four big girls and one tiny lucky guy that barks at coyotes and fires), expert rock climbers in their own right. that night, michelle, ashley and linsey and i went to dinner, treated by michael, thanks man! we sang in the car, and i stabbed my leg on a baby saguaro cactus. it was bloody, painful and very funny. you must watch your step in arizona. wild rabbits and birds abound around the house, i even saw a coyote near the house as the sun was rising the next day. we went boulder climbing near black mountain before going to the airport back to san francisco. this is the morning view that greeted us at the top of the boulders.

thank you guys for having me one more time!



day two at greenbuild, arizona. had the gift to visit taliesin west, the ongoing experiment of what most consider to be the greatest architect of the twentieth century, frank lloyd wright. this place is infused with spirit, the buildings are geometric abstractions, interpretations of the landscape, deeply rooted to their environment and purpose, ingeniously thought through, designed and redesigned time and again. this was frank’s residence during winter, when it got too cold in wisconsin. it quickly became a lab for exploring new ideas, and eventually became what it still is today, an architecture school where students learn by doing. as i was approaching the entrance, a sculpture of a family greeted me, mother, father and son. captured here is the face of sorrow of the native mother in stone. frank, it seems, had a deep admiration for native people, so do i. to see what happens at taliesin west, visit their site.