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financial district

86. infinite possibilities

decisions decisions.

life is so full of them.

what path are you going to take?

the options are endless, yet time is finite.

so beware of spending too much time making a decision, you may just find life has passed you by and you are still trying to decide.


the old and the not so old.

the tall and the super tall.

the modern looking and the historic looking.

these are the things that catch my eye as i bike down market street to the embarcadero every morning.

as the sun rises, light starts bouncing off the surfaces, creating beauty even in the most hideous of structures.

what is wrong with us?

when did we give up being human and forsook our most innate needs and accept to live in cages?

let us have fresh air!

let us have dirt and plants and life inside the places we inhabit.

let us remember that we are human above everything else.