your daily dose of spiritual food


126. labor day

today is a day for fun, rest and relaxation.

for some people.

others, like don beto, are pushing their ice cream trucks up and down dolores park in hopes of a few dollar bills to send back to their family.

let us not just enjoy and be thankful for this beautiful day, but also remember those less fortunate who do not have the luxury to spend it in leisure, with friends and family.

as we go back to our daily jobs, let us work towards a day where poverty, hunger and ignorance are no longer part of anyone’s daily life.

let us love one another like we love our own.

let us share and care for one another.

let us remember that we are all one.

let your love shine and fill this world with brightness.

114. summer has landed in san francisco

it’s official: summer is over in the us.

which naturally only means one thing for san franciscans: summer fun has just begun.

the city knows our love for travel, she knows we will not be here most summer weekends.

so she patiently waits for our return.

when everywhere else starts losing warmth, she kicks in and turns up the heat.

the people flock to the open spaces.

parks, outdoor cafés and beaches become our stage.

the so-called indian summer reminds everyone that there is such a thing as a sunny san francisco.

those who laugh last, laugh best.


dolores park.

the name itself is ironic and historic, as dolores means pains in spanish, and pain is usually the last thing on people’s minds here.

a fitting title, as flocks of people come to relax, enjoy the sunny afternoons and forget all pains and sorrows.

as if the park was calling all youthful souls to lay their burdens on her.

she will take your weight and embrace you with her sweet, soft grasses and local ice-cream, taco trucks and empanada vendors.

the nearby mission, the oldest standing structure in san francisco, is where its name derives.

it is known as mission dolores, as a nearby creek was known as ‘arroyo de nuestra señora de los dolores’, meaning ‘our lady of sorrows creek’. its founding name is ‘la misión de nuestro padre san francisco de asís’, the city’s name.

all kinds of things happen at this park at different times of the year.

people of all walks of life and eclectic natures come to picnics, singing, dancing, drinking, biking, playing instruments, blowing giant bubbles into the sky, sun bathing, yoga, capoeira, ethnic festival celebrations, movie screenings, sketching, painting, concerts, soap box car derby races and who knows what more.

besides boasting one of the sunniest patches of sun in the city, the park has tennis, basketball, soccer, playgrounds, restrooms, monuments, great views of the city and delectable food places nearby, including the legendary bi-rite ice cream and delfina pizzeria.

it is easy to see how this is one of locals’ favorite spots.


later that day, a miracle got rid of the dark clouds.

the skies became blue.

small white clouds played with the warm, brilliant sun, balancing out the strong, chilled february winds as we sat outside dolores park cafe.

two dogs were tied across the sidewalk. they eagerly eyed their masters, waiting for their freedom.

one black and bulky, the other white and wiry, they made a perfect duo.


the mission, one of the richest neighborhoods on this planet.

its wealth is measured in culture, diversity, art, and spectacular food.

walls, doors, sidewalks and just about any exposed surface is a potential canvas awaiting an artist’s touch.

fruit stands, bookstores and cafes abound at any given corner.

walking down valencia street, you can find delightful food from just about any given ethnicity.

colorful storefronts catch the eyes with all kinds of curiosities.

biking around, this mural grabbed my attention.

the struggle of an overworked, under-appreciated and abused people to hold on to their roots and their dignity shone through the brilliant pigments on the wall.