your daily dose of spiritual food


153. san francisco national cemetery


a metaphor of our own

as the fleeting butterfly beats its own wings

so does the heaving chest expand and contract

moving the same air

in and out

sending it forth

all the triumphs, all the failures

in, out

let them all be sources of wonder

every thought

every feeling

every moment

let it be





flowers are like women.

beautiful, capricious, resilient yet fragile and fugitive.


their smell can make a man forget the world and all its troubles.

no matter how cliché you may find them, i will never get tired of regarding them, of admiring their beauty.

and they will never fail to bring me happiness.

like i said, flowers are like women.


a san francisco sunrise. beams of light burst through the thick fog, illuminating the bay. the pacific ocean gently laps golden waves in the sand. the brave runners face the cold and go for their morning jog at chrissy field past the marina. the emblematic palace of fine arts provides just the right touch of sublime at the edge of the presidio. beyond it, the charismatic neighborhoods slowly begin to awake: cow hollow, russian hill, north beach, the financial district, union square, and soma beyond. just a few of the memorable places that make this city an unforgettable place.