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western addition


this colorful, chaotic, colossal van provides the perfect complement for the orderly victorianesque rowhouses that line the streets of san francisco.

is the van vandalized by its owner or by someone else?

intentional or not, either way, it is a beautiful work of art.

all across the city, vehicles of all kinds and sizes can be found with the marksmanship of an artist.

street art has a temporal, fleeting, invaluable quality.

its participatory nature is empowering.

its often illicit manner is exhilarating.

its vigor and message of freedom at its best identifies the pulse of the young and valiant at heart.

taped on this van is the ‘be a softy’ tape used for the exhibition, one of the best of last year.

it is a highlight on social design, the idea that what you do can help enhance people’s life and environment in an inclusive, responsible, sustainable way.

much like some of the best street artists of our day.