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143. rain

just like sun, we need rain

without the wet, there is no dry

if it was never cold, gray, tempestuous and dark,

how could we ever understand and appreciate bright, sunny, hot, breezy days?

neither is better

both are essential

opposite elements in nature give us a clue as to what opposite forces live within us

rain invites us to go inside

dwell inside to contemplate our self

go to the opposite places in your mind, heart, body and soul

know them well

with this knowledge, you can live in the middle

live in love

rediscovering the love that always is, you are in complete balance

thank you rain


trekking up the side of this mountain peak, one can feel the ancient energies all around you. as you ascend the face of the mountain, faces start appearing out of the rock. indeed, more than five hundred buddhas are said to have been carved in the stone, dating from around the 10th century on. even more impressive are the naturally occurring rock formations that take all kinds of shapes and forms. this is one rare, pure limestone mountain, more than two hundred meters tall. it is so unique among the common sandstone found in the area, that an indian monk named it fei lai feng, the ‘peak flown from afar’. it is said that the buddhas were carved to keep the mountain from flying off.