your daily dose of spiritual food

hong kong

179. gondolas flying over a mountain pass

we are all in this together

no matter how separate

how individual we may think we are from one another

flying in our little bubbles

we are all part of each other

all one

what you see

is a reflection of your self

175. light between two hong kong skyscrapers

when a dream is born inside

and you feel the call to create your vision

fear may come into your mind

disguised as doubt

it can creep into your heart and kill your dreams

paralyzing your creative impulse

release the illusion of fear

there is a unique voice inside

seek it

go within

find your voice

bring your light into the world

117. old loneliness

sitting alone on a cold bench in the middle of a stairwell in hong kong, an old lady rests her tired, anguishing bones.

clutching at her belongings, she seems to be hanging on to life itself.

a ray of warm light bursts through the clouds, slips between the oppressive buildings, lighting her soul on white  fire.


stopping to look up amidst the packed streets busy with people in hong kong central, skyscrapers display slow, breathtaking shows of subtle light nuances as they cast their shadows on themselves. each tower casts its unique shades, shapes, colors, and reflections on its neighbor, according to the movement of the sun or the reflection of the moon. depicted here is one of my favorite buildings in hong kong. the rigor and purity of its square format, the geometric design in clean and simple white lines truly allows this building to stand out among the rest. a blank framework for light to work its magic day and night.

6. smooth & shiny


inside the clean, sleek, glass and metal skyscrapers, mesmerizing installations defying gravity greet you in the tall, clean, white spaces. in you go to a warm, welcoming, consumerist environment. in this modern world, our most grandiose spaces are dedicated to the gods of consumption.

5. grit


a wall. a palimpsest of paper, paint, soot, grime, dirt. traces of what once was an advertisement pasted on the wall yield to graffiti, claiming the concrete rising in the back streets of hong kong, behind the veil of neon and bright colorful clean images and sounds. around the corner, a different city coexists with itself.