your daily dose of spiritual food


174. dragonfly perched on a hibiscus petal

fragile and impermanent

in a constant state of change

life is fleeting

it comes

it goes

through the fluctuations

remain present

enjoy every single moment

every single breath

you are whole

one with everything and everyone around you

151. poró gigante

a wild pigeon contemplates the horizon at the top of a giant poró

this enormous, graceful tree paints the costa rican landscape with its vibrant colors

each bright brushstroke is a petal from a curvaceous flower that the tree so elegantly displays

nature gives us this beautiful masterpiece in a bright sunny day

a silent reminder of the miracle and endless wonder of life

i am grateful for sharing space with this creation


137. mom & dad

i love talking to my parents

not just because they are my best friends

since they still live in costa rica, i get to hear about what is important in life back home

down there, the big news is not about the latest stock or gadget

the big news is that it hasn’t rained in two days during rainy season

the big news is that the avocado trees in the yard are giving so much that they’re giving them away and still there are too many

the simplicity and beauty of life is what i am reminded of when i talk to them

this view of the rising sun over the mountains was taken standing on the roof that my parents built for us to live and thrive in

i now am able to grow, standing on the foundations that they built

without their love, support and encouragement, these images and words would not be meeting your eyes today

125. don miguel

don miguel comes around the house every now and then

a simple, humble, wise, quiet, beautiful old man

all his life, he told me, he has sharpened knives for everyone

people need sharp knives to carry out their daily tasks, he says

a dull knife is useless, i keep it sharp for them

he keeps my heart enlightened

105. pride

countless people all over the world celebrated gay pride this weekend.

it is a moment for all people, regardless of gender, race, age or sexual orientation to express their identity.

no one person is identical to anyone else.

in a crowded world full of unique beings, it is essential for all of us to recognize, respect and embrace our differences.

let us see past that which divides us and remember that we are all one.

88. hortensias

every single hortensia is unique.

from a distance, you see only fluffy pockets strung together like clouds in the sky, bright cotton candy amongst the greenery.

as you get closer, the subtle nuances in color and shape begin to weave a rich tapestry.

before long, a universe unfolds itself before your eyes.

these orbs hold more life than one would expect.

countless colorful insects and spiders make hortensias their home.

one of nature’s boundless, beautiful gifts.


melinda the turtle has been with the family for ages.

it belonged first, i believe, to my grandfather, tito, then passed on to his sons and grandsons, and now lives at the house somewhere.

like a mythical creature, melinda appears whenever she wishes to be seen.

it can be months on end before anyone catches a glimpse of her.

for more than thirty years she has seen and survived all kinds of adventures.

once she was found in the jaws of my dog toffee, an uncontrollably happy chocolate lab with mountains of energy.

life for a turtle must be difficult. at least she has home with her at all times.


one of the greatest joys in life comes from appreciating the little details. to recognize beauty in every thing, big or small, round or square, there is always something that can catch your attention and spark your imagination. it is one of the reasons i love nature so much; it is full of little details. walking around outdoors in costa rica, there is a plethora of diversity that abounds at every step. behind some thick plant coverings, i found this young plant, just beginning to unfold itself, brimming with potential. small spaces between the leaves of the plants behind created these shafts of light which lit the scene perfectly for this sublime act of creation.


i am finally home! a beautiful day with my parents and the dogs. as i walked into the kitchen, the familiar, succulent smells and sights melted my heart, watered my mouth and ignited my belly. fresh,  crispy patacones were just coming out of the skillet, i ate them with frijoles molidos, there was a party in my mouth. exploring the kitchen, i came across this beautiful item here shown, the legendary costa rican tamal. shiny beads of water running down the plantain leaf covering, a calling to discover the treasure within. alas, these are no ordinary tamales. these are special vegan tamales ma made just for me! words will not make justice to this beautiful food, but here is an attempt. home-grown basil, rosemary, tomillo, veggies and other special secrets blended with ground corn ‘masa’ and home-made hummus. a blissful, creative and unique delight. gracias ma!


waking up at the crack of dawn allows you to see the earth wake up. stepping outside of the house, i climbed up to the roof to witness one perfect sunrise back home in costa rica. a symphony of color begins to display itself against the sculptural clouds, the birds start to sing in celebration of the new day. the trees wave happily in the breeze, their deep silhouettes in absolute contrast to the changing color show behind. the day has finally arrived, i am flying home tonight.