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los guidos

122. painting

red brushstrokes dance tickles on a little girl’s cheek

they come together to form a big heart

which is exactly what describes this moment

young or old, love breathes life into your soul

let it shine


los guidos, an extremely poor cluster of shacks bound together by a name and dirt roads. this is one of the poorest places in costa rica. a group of friends invited me to join them on a yearly event where we bring the children christmas gifts, lunch, piñatas, games and, ‘diarios ‘(a large bag for their often single mother containing essentials for preparing food for the family during these times). to see the joy in these children’s faces, to love them and care for them, and see their eyes light up at the simplest of gestures is one of the most rewarding and humbling memories i bring with me. let us count our blessings and remember how fortunate we are, and let us pray that those going through hard times can overcome and find peace and love in their lives.

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