your daily dose of spiritual food


181. twilight over the trees in minneapolis

clouds dancing

to the dwindling light

lingering in the sky

deep blues

bright oranges

they collide

into the clouds

soft ethereal skin

bathing in divine radiance

178. children playing the african drums

when you hear the drums beat

an ancestral rhythm

starts moving you

from inside out

born inside the heart

the beat fills you up with life

bringing people together

for the joy of being together

a wisdom so profound

words become unnecessary

171. bread & pickle

sitting right at the edge of the water

castle-like gables invite everyone

to unwind and bask in the glory of a perfect summer day at the lake

boats lazily bobbing up and down

ducks quacking about

people hanging out

a cool breeze and rolling clouds

come into a perfect dance with the sun


as i sit here freezing trying to write, i go to minnesota to put things in perspective.

i may be cold, but it’s so much colder in other parts of the world right now.

suddenly, i am not that cold anymore.

these rolling hills i saw through the window of my brother and sister’s car as we were ‘paseando’ back from canoeing down a river on a beautiful day.

the name of the land comes from the sioux indigenous word ‘minni-sotah’. ‘minni’ is ‘water’, and ‘sotah’ sky-tinted’.

water and sky are perfect themes for the state, as there are more than ten thousand lakes reflecting the heavens.


a conglomeration of gulls scan the grass for leftovers at canal park in duluth, at the edge of lake superior. just like at ivar’s in seattle (see post 17), these birds will do anything for anyone’s trash, as long as its edible. their demanding, selfish gaze perfectly fits their loud and shrill skuawking and wing flapping. if you haven’t seen finding nemo, please watch it to see a most hilarious interpretation of this beautiful and at times very annoying bird.