your daily dose of spiritual food


161. sea anemones and clown fish

a classic example of symbiotic mutualism

they protect each other from their respective predators

both provide food and habitat for each other

in this natural relationship, the anemone and the fish benefit from each other’s company

let us take this lesson from nature

seek that which builds mutualism in your relationships

146. gratitude

getting together

breaking bread

sharing memories

laughing out loud

holding the space

living in love

giving thanks

for every breath

for every one

for every moment

is a gift we get to live

in love, of love, for love

thank you




blue skies.

there is something about them that makes us feel good, complete and happy.

blue skies invite us to go outside and play, allowing us to connect with the earth on a very real level.

it is this connection that we need now more than ever, in a world where virtual environments are more appealing than the actual one.

a world where people spend more time with a machine than with a human being.

let’s get in touch with our home and those we share it with.

it doesn’t matter if it’s wet or dry, hot or cold, the world is a beautiful place, full of constant change and phenomenological wonder.

today, a very wise person said ‘may all living beings be happy and free’.

i agree.


we love cows.


most humans could not imagine life without cheese.

most of us grew up drinking cartons of milk as if it was water (in fact, I probably drank it more than water at times).

yogurt and fruit in the mornings is as commonplace as anything else for breakfast in modern western society.

yet, we use cows to speak negatively of each other (you fat, stupid cow), and play cow tipping, and that’s just the tip of the cowberg.

in fact, cows are one of the most abused living beings on this planet.

this helpless animal presents a great paradigm to learning more about modern society.

we love the products. we love what we can get from this being.

yet, we disdain or simply ignore the source itself.

how can this be sustainable and lasting?

how can we accept this as normal?

modern society has successfully dehumanized, desensitized ourselves from the planet we inhabit.

we stumble on, blind and disconnected.

but we thrive in our virtual lives as our physical environment erodes, becoming more and more abstract and unknown.


looking out the window of the plane.

as we were descending, we crossed a thick, dense mass of cumulus clouds and were suddenly left wide open, sandwiched for a few seconds in between two layers of clouds, free to look out to the horizon.

far away, other systems of clouds gathered themselves, like ephemeral nations, batallions all marching to their own shifting weather clock.

farther still, blue skies held on to the end of the day as the sun set, with its symphonies of warm, wild colors against the cool deep of night.