your daily dose of spiritual food


113. explosions in the wall

a courageous act, to make a mark on a surface.

especially when that mark is bright, multicolored paint on a gray, old, extremely visible concrete wall.

the side of a building in seattle’s hippest neighborhood bears the marks of playful, fearless creativity.

i salute the maker, and wish him or her well, for making me look up and smile.

this is what the world needs.

love is what we need.

89. st. ignatius

seven bottles of light in a stone box is one metaphor used to describe this small chapel, a humble masterpiece by steven holl.

light and shade are the protagonists of the story inside.

the two opposites come together and dance throughout the hours of the day and the turns of the weather, never the same, always remarkably beautiful and captivating.

filters of contrasting colors cast tension and release in the small, intimate spaces.

you are reminded that walls can sing and even the darkest of spirits can be uplifted by the quality of a space, if you open your eyes and allow your heart and mind to connect and receive the beauty of this world.


kitties! whether you are a dog person, a cat person, neither or both, you can’t help but to be mystified by these eyes. beyond being cute, a kitty’s gaze contains nature’s deepest mysteries. like so many other natural phenomena, to look into an animal’s eyes is to look straight into god’s eyes. this is charlie, a kitty that a friend adopted from the animal shelter.


these seagulls love their fries from ivar’s, the ubiquitous fish & chip shop at the waterfront in downtown seattle. they have become sharp at catching what tourists throw at them, they are a tourist attraction themselves. loud and demanding, salt, fat and sugar makes these beautiful animals seem to forget that anything else in the world exists… sounds familiar.

4. seattle sunset


lake union glimmers as the queen anne hills embrace this small body of water under the fireworks of a setting sun displayed against the massive cumulus clouds that embody the unique city of seattle.  far away, the massive mountains to the east sometimes blend with the clouds creating an ethereal painting, ever changing with the light.