your daily dose of spiritual food


171. bread & pickle

sitting right at the edge of the water

castle-like gables invite everyone

to unwind and bask in the glory of a perfect summer day at the lake

boats lazily bobbing up and down

ducks quacking about

people hanging out

a cool breeze and rolling clouds

come into a perfect dance with the sun


170. a mountain at tahoe

a lonely rock juts out of the mountain

like pilgrims, the pine trees surround the massive monument

worshipping in silent reverence and awe

the stark, raw temple rising against the naked blue sky

167. la basílica de los ángeles

hundreds of thousands of romeros

costa rican pilgrims, from all walks of life

they take the streets to cartago, the old capital

once a year, the country comes to a halt

the masses walk as one

their strife ends on their knees, inside the basílica

face to face with ‘la negrita’

la virgen de los ángeles

they come with prayers

to give thanks

to ask for their loved ones

to meditate on how to become

the highest version of your self

166. irazú




when clouds start forming

know that a storm may come

darkness will envelop you

rain will fall

so go outside

face the rain and start dancing

remember always

high beyond the clouds

the sun is shining

165. tiny twig


like an explosion of fireworks

a tiny twig soars through the air

culminating in delicate leaves

luminous flares of yellow and purple

reaching out for the light

163. daulatabad fort

the passage of time can be mysterious and elusive

five minutes in despair can feel like an eternity

while a whole day in joy and laughter can fly by our eyes

ancient rocks carved hundreds of years ago speak to us

still standing, they form a sacred shelter amid ruins of a bygone era

yet a very present conversation is still carried forth

new feet still step inside

generations upon generations come

with their hopes and dreams

anxieties and fears

our troubles are but a drop in the ocean

to these stones who have seen the ages come and go

they know that the ocean is but a drop in comparison to the infinite universe that is love

162. chard


life seems to not make any sense at all at times

but there are moments when all the pieces come together

everything makes perfect sense

for an instant, all the pieces fit

only to see them all fall apart

as the veins are running through the leaves

so are ours running through our bodies

pumping blood

gushing life

in and out

coming and going

it is this ebb and flow

this coming and going

of pain and suffering

pleasure and delight

that lets us appreciate life

in all its beautiful and diverse manifestations