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132. create

seek to consciously be with your creation

you are always creating

you are a creator, whether you intend to or not

consciously or subconsciously, you are creating your world around you

seek your art, discover it, work it, explore it, share it, give it to the world

do not let yourself be stopped by obstacles

distractions and diversions will always be there

pour your love into your creation

let your light shine and let it be a guiding force for you and everyone around you


113. explosions in the wall

a courageous act, to make a mark on a surface.

especially when that mark is bright, multicolored paint on a gray, old, extremely visible concrete wall.

the side of a building in seattle’s hippest neighborhood bears the marks of playful, fearless creativity.

i salute the maker, and wish him or her well, for making me look up and smile.

this is what the world needs.

love is what we need.