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172. blue gold macaw observing past its right wing

a sun ray catches the lens of the bird’s eye

setting it aflame

a sublime combination

of color and form

nature coming alive

to express its wondrous and infinite beauty


151. poró gigante

a wild pigeon contemplates the horizon at the top of a giant poró

this enormous, graceful tree paints the costa rican landscape with its vibrant colors

each bright brushstroke is a petal from a curvaceous flower that the tree so elegantly displays

nature gives us this beautiful masterpiece in a bright sunny day

a silent reminder of the miracle and endless wonder of life

i am grateful for sharing space with this creation


116. together in flight

humans can behave like pigeons.

looking only for bare necessities, we can live our days in a hunger that is never satiated,  caring only for ourselves and nothing else.

but we can, at times, work seamlessly together, and soar through the sky in harmonious synchrony.

all as one.

the choice is ours.