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143. rain

just like sun, we need rain

without the wet, there is no dry

if it was never cold, gray, tempestuous and dark,

how could we ever understand and appreciate bright, sunny, hot, breezy days?

neither is better

both are essential

opposite elements in nature give us a clue as to what opposite forces live within us

rain invites us to go inside

dwell inside to contemplate our self

go to the opposite places in your mind, heart, body and soul

know them well

with this knowledge, you can live in the middle

live in love

rediscovering the love that always is, you are in complete balance

thank you rain


142. the great wall

snaking along the northern asian mountains

the great wall of china still stands

a testimony to the lack of unity in mankind

a reminder that we must all get past history

past our differences, shed all fear

that biggest of illusions, that impedes us

from remembering that the only reality is love

that we are all part of one loving one

the great monument is not the stones, the parapets, the steps

it is the majestic mountain range

undulating the surface of the earth as far as my eyes can see

that display of nature’s magnificence is greatness, beauty, awe

humbled by the great mother

gratitude for life fills my soul


131. go forth

get on the boat and navigate

sometimes you sail

sometimes you fail

but every single time you live and learn on the trail

every moment of life is a precious gift

a chance to grow that is only there at this present moment, so live in it

be it

make it

live it

do it!

101. love chain

in the courtyard garden of a temple outside of the city, prayers are tied into magnolia trees and sacred chains.

red ribbons with golden writing are ceremoniously tied with a breath and a blessing.

locks of love clasp to the chain, in hopes that their loves will be bound, as unbreakable and holy as these.

incense and bells ring and fill the air.

this is a place where dreams set sail, where wishes begin to construct themselves around us.

87. babies


i just got back from watching a film about them.

the joy of a mother and a father at their creation is contagious.

their infant, pure spirit and genuine inquisitive behavior is gripping.

it is illuminating.

that we make it past being a helpless little ball is nothing short of a miracle.

we have a lot to learn from these simple, energetic beings.

maybe one day i will get the joy of learning from one of these wise teachers.