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165. tiny twig


like an explosion of fireworks

a tiny twig soars through the air

culminating in delicate leaves

luminous flares of yellow and purple

reaching out for the light

164. brays bayou

a small body of water

is enough to remind you

just how alive and connected we are

to everything else

162. chard


life seems to not make any sense at all at times

but there are moments when all the pieces come together

everything makes perfect sense

for an instant, all the pieces fit

only to see them all fall apart

as the veins are running through the leaves

so are ours running through our bodies

pumping blood

gushing life

in and out

coming and going

it is this ebb and flow

this coming and going

of pain and suffering

pleasure and delight

that lets us appreciate life

in all its beautiful and diverse manifestations

156. needle rays

capturing the light of dawn

the cactus mimics the rays of the rising sun

an explosion of energy

reaching out in every direction

space becomes filled with light

scale up or down

inside or out

smallest of small

to biggest of big

life repeats itself

through time and space

familiar patterns emerge

over and again

subtle evidence

the same oneness of it all

that we are so blessed to be part of


154. lan su chinese garden

dark clouds celebrate, showering the earth with rain

a silent bud promises the coming blossoming

endless shades of gray

nothing is black or white

absolutes are imaginary

all is relative to its surrounding

joy in everything

death and tragedy, rain in the soil

nurturing the dormant seed

that awaits to be kindled with life

153. san francisco national cemetery


a metaphor of our own

as the fleeting butterfly beats its own wings

so does the heaving chest expand and contract

moving the same air

in and out

sending it forth

all the triumphs, all the failures

in, out

let them all be sources of wonder

every thought

every feeling

every moment

let it be



152. golfo de nicoya

out at sea

thoughts process in different patterns

not the familiar, solid earth underneath your feet

deep waters meet the skies above

the horizon stretches out

beckoning your gaze beyond what the eye can hold when on land

you see far, yet you walk little

the contradicting situation grants you a moment

to sit still and contemplate the vastness

to remind oneself of the smallness of you

of the limitlessness of life

and the fact that you are part of it

thus, in fact, you are not small

you are endless

151. poró gigante

a wild pigeon contemplates the horizon at the top of a giant poró

this enormous, graceful tree paints the costa rican landscape with its vibrant colors

each bright brushstroke is a petal from a curvaceous flower that the tree so elegantly displays

nature gives us this beautiful masterpiece in a bright sunny day

a silent reminder of the miracle and endless wonder of life

i am grateful for sharing space with this creation


146. gratitude

getting together

breaking bread

sharing memories

laughing out loud

holding the space

living in love

giving thanks

for every breath

for every one

for every moment

is a gift we get to live

in love, of love, for love

thank you



145. family

what makes us kin?

is it blood, is it likeness? is it closeness, is it kindness?

what are the bonds that tie us together?

once we see that we are all one

then we can see our selves as we are

all connected, all woven together

we are the threads that make up this rug that is the universe

one love

one family