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156. needle rays

capturing the light of dawn

the cactus mimics the rays of the rising sun

an explosion of energy

reaching out in every direction

space becomes filled with light

scale up or down

inside or out

smallest of small

to biggest of big

life repeats itself

through time and space

familiar patterns emerge

over and again

subtle evidence

the same oneness of it all

that we are so blessed to be part of



152. golfo de nicoya

out at sea

thoughts process in different patterns

not the familiar, solid earth underneath your feet

deep waters meet the skies above

the horizon stretches out

beckoning your gaze beyond what the eye can hold when on land

you see far, yet you walk little

the contradicting situation grants you a moment

to sit still and contemplate the vastness

to remind oneself of the smallness of you

of the limitlessness of life

and the fact that you are part of it

thus, in fact, you are not small

you are endless

151. poró gigante

a wild pigeon contemplates the horizon at the top of a giant poró

this enormous, graceful tree paints the costa rican landscape with its vibrant colors

each bright brushstroke is a petal from a curvaceous flower that the tree so elegantly displays

nature gives us this beautiful masterpiece in a bright sunny day

a silent reminder of the miracle and endless wonder of life

i am grateful for sharing space with this creation


146. gratitude

getting together

breaking bread

sharing memories

laughing out loud

holding the space

living in love

giving thanks

for every breath

for every one

for every moment

is a gift we get to live

in love, of love, for love

thank you



145. family

what makes us kin?

is it blood, is it likeness? is it closeness, is it kindness?

what are the bonds that tie us together?

once we see that we are all one

then we can see our selves as we are

all connected, all woven together

we are the threads that make up this rug that is the universe

one love

one family


140. sunset in alamo square

sunrise, sunset

sun rises, yet again

a beautiful gift, one more day

one more time

one more chance

one more gift we receive to give love

to live life

what a blessing

what a miracle it is

that we get to live every single day

one more time

use this gift

make love, give love, be love

139. trees

head in the heavens, feet firmly rooted, deep below the earth

dancing, swaying, celebrating with the wind

sequestering what is superfluous

turning it into what we need

giving out all that is good

being a habitat for life to thrive

striving, reaching out for the sun

let us learn from these patient, noble, loving beings

138. gandhi

whenever you think your task at hand is too overwhelming, remember gandhi

he did not stop at words, concepts or theories

turning thought into action

he set his intentions on peace, freedom, rights and equality for all

through the tools of satyagraha – holding on to the truth, and ahimsa – nonviolence

he moved the hearts and minds of countless beings, opening the world’s eyes to remind us of the oneness of everything

let us remember we are all one

as such, let us be only love

have only love to give and receive

in mahatma’s words, let us be the change that we want to see in the world

137. mom & dad

i love talking to my parents

not just because they are my best friends

since they still live in costa rica, i get to hear about what is important in life back home

down there, the big news is not about the latest stock or gadget

the big news is that it hasn’t rained in two days during rainy season

the big news is that the avocado trees in the yard are giving so much that they’re giving them away and still there are too many

the simplicity and beauty of life is what i am reminded of when i talk to them

this view of the rising sun over the mountains was taken standing on the roof that my parents built for us to live and thrive in

i now am able to grow, standing on the foundations that they built

without their love, support and encouragement, these images and words would not be meeting your eyes today

134. talamanca

the first rays of the sun caress the mountains and dance with the clouds

a new day begins

light comes in through our eyes, into our hearts and minds, warming our body and soul

igniting us to wake up and embrace the gift of a new day

no matter what came before, or what will come after

only what you have right now, within you

let it shine and light the world up with love