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154. lan su chinese garden

dark clouds celebrate, showering the earth with rain

a silent bud promises the coming blossoming

endless shades of gray

nothing is black or white

absolutes are imaginary

all is relative to its surrounding

joy in everything

death and tragedy, rain in the soil

nurturing the dormant seed

that awaits to be kindled with life

152. golfo de nicoya

out at sea

thoughts process in different patterns

not the familiar, solid earth underneath your feet

deep waters meet the skies above

the horizon stretches out

beckoning your gaze beyond what the eye can hold when on land

you see far, yet you walk little

the contradicting situation grants you a moment

to sit still and contemplate the vastness

to remind oneself of the smallness of you

of the limitlessness of life

and the fact that you are part of it

thus, in fact, you are not small

you are endless

151. poró gigante

a wild pigeon contemplates the horizon at the top of a giant poró

this enormous, graceful tree paints the costa rican landscape with its vibrant colors

each bright brushstroke is a petal from a curvaceous flower that the tree so elegantly displays

nature gives us this beautiful masterpiece in a bright sunny day

a silent reminder of the miracle and endless wonder of life

i am grateful for sharing space with this creation


149. imagination is everything

einstein said “imagination is everything. it is the preview of life’s coming attractions”.

what can a physicist teach us about the way we live our lives each and every day?

be mindful of what fills your mind.

pay attention.

remain conscious.

whatever thought and feeling you generate is what you are creating for your life.

if you worry, then worrying is what you will get.

worries are only as real as you allow them to be.

so stop worrying, and you will see how quickly the feeling fades.

you will realize that worrying is a delusion.

in its place, a nice empty plot of land in your mind becomes available.

why not fill it up with something substantial?

why not love?

if you love, then love is what you will get.

go ahead, try it.


start with your self.

wake up early and watch how light fills up the world.

just like that, let light fill your self.


146. gratitude

getting together

breaking bread

sharing memories

laughing out loud

holding the space

living in love

giving thanks

for every breath

for every one

for every moment

is a gift we get to live

in love, of love, for love

thank you



145. family

what makes us kin?

is it blood, is it likeness? is it closeness, is it kindness?

what are the bonds that tie us together?

once we see that we are all one

then we can see our selves as we are

all connected, all woven together

we are the threads that make up this rug that is the universe

one love

one family


143. rain

just like sun, we need rain

without the wet, there is no dry

if it was never cold, gray, tempestuous and dark,

how could we ever understand and appreciate bright, sunny, hot, breezy days?

neither is better

both are essential

opposite elements in nature give us a clue as to what opposite forces live within us

rain invites us to go inside

dwell inside to contemplate our self

go to the opposite places in your mind, heart, body and soul

know them well

with this knowledge, you can live in the middle

live in love

rediscovering the love that always is, you are in complete balance

thank you rain

142. the great wall

snaking along the northern asian mountains

the great wall of china still stands

a testimony to the lack of unity in mankind

a reminder that we must all get past history

past our differences, shed all fear

that biggest of illusions, that impedes us

from remembering that the only reality is love

that we are all part of one loving one

the great monument is not the stones, the parapets, the steps

it is the majestic mountain range

undulating the surface of the earth as far as my eyes can see

that display of nature’s magnificence is greatness, beauty, awe

humbled by the great mother

gratitude for life fills my soul


141. la carreta tica

my grandfather tito

whenever i asked him “¿cómo estás?”

he would always reply the same way,

“empujando la carreta” (pushing the ox cart) he would say

a national symbol and icon of joy for all ticos,

a tradition that embodies so much of who we are

no two carretas are the same

always uniquely hand-painted according to the creativity of the artist

they are put in motion thanks to the efforts of a graceful animal

the wheels are a costa rican mandala

you can observe them forever

meditating on love and beauty

the carreta is a humble reminder of a life more connected with the natural world





140. sunset in alamo square

sunrise, sunset

sun rises, yet again

a beautiful gift, one more day

one more time

one more chance

one more gift we receive to give love

to live life

what a blessing

what a miracle it is

that we get to live every single day

one more time

use this gift

make love, give love, be love