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155. the rockies


round orb

still spinning

hurling through space

taking us along for the ride


energy manifested

still shining

above our horizon it comes

every morning

a calling

an inspiration

to get us up

out of our slumber

to shake our bones

flex our minds

to open our eyes

and do justice

to the beauty of a brilliant new day


154. lan su chinese garden

dark clouds celebrate, showering the earth with rain

a silent bud promises the coming blossoming

endless shades of gray

nothing is black or white

absolutes are imaginary

all is relative to its surrounding

joy in everything

death and tragedy, rain in the soil

nurturing the dormant seed

that awaits to be kindled with life

153. san francisco national cemetery


a metaphor of our own

as the fleeting butterfly beats its own wings

so does the heaving chest expand and contract

moving the same air

in and out

sending it forth

all the triumphs, all the failures

in, out

let them all be sources of wonder

every thought

every feeling

every moment

let it be



140. sunset in alamo square

sunrise, sunset

sun rises, yet again

a beautiful gift, one more day

one more time

one more chance

one more gift we receive to give love

to live life

what a blessing

what a miracle it is

that we get to live every single day

one more time

use this gift

make love, give love, be love