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181. twilight over the trees in minneapolis

clouds dancing

to the dwindling light

lingering in the sky

deep blues

bright oranges

they collide

into the clouds

soft ethereal skin

bathing in divine radiance

155. the rockies


round orb

still spinning

hurling through space

taking us along for the ride


energy manifested

still shining

above our horizon it comes

every morning

a calling

an inspiration

to get us up

out of our slumber

to shake our bones

flex our minds

to open our eyes

and do justice

to the beauty of a brilliant new day

149. imagination is everything

einstein said “imagination is everything. it is the preview of life’s coming attractions”.

what can a physicist teach us about the way we live our lives each and every day?

be mindful of what fills your mind.

pay attention.

remain conscious.

whatever thought and feeling you generate is what you are creating for your life.

if you worry, then worrying is what you will get.

worries are only as real as you allow them to be.

so stop worrying, and you will see how quickly the feeling fades.

you will realize that worrying is a delusion.

in its place, a nice empty plot of land in your mind becomes available.

why not fill it up with something substantial?

why not love?

if you love, then love is what you will get.

go ahead, try it.


start with your self.

wake up early and watch how light fills up the world.

just like that, let light fill your self.


146. gratitude

getting together

breaking bread

sharing memories

laughing out loud

holding the space

living in love

giving thanks

for every breath

for every one

for every moment

is a gift we get to live

in love, of love, for love

thank you



140. sunset in alamo square

sunrise, sunset

sun rises, yet again

a beautiful gift, one more day

one more time

one more chance

one more gift we receive to give love

to live life

what a blessing

what a miracle it is

that we get to live every single day

one more time

use this gift

make love, give love, be love

139. trees

head in the heavens, feet firmly rooted, deep below the earth

dancing, swaying, celebrating with the wind

sequestering what is superfluous

turning it into what we need

giving out all that is good

being a habitat for life to thrive

striving, reaching out for the sun

let us learn from these patient, noble, loving beings

138. gandhi

whenever you think your task at hand is too overwhelming, remember gandhi

he did not stop at words, concepts or theories

turning thought into action

he set his intentions on peace, freedom, rights and equality for all

through the tools of satyagraha – holding on to the truth, and ahimsa – nonviolence

he moved the hearts and minds of countless beings, opening the world’s eyes to remind us of the oneness of everything

let us remember we are all one

as such, let us be only love

have only love to give and receive

in mahatma’s words, let us be the change that we want to see in the world

134. talamanca

the first rays of the sun caress the mountains and dance with the clouds

a new day begins

light comes in through our eyes, into our hearts and minds, warming our body and soul

igniting us to wake up and embrace the gift of a new day

no matter what came before, or what will come after

only what you have right now, within you

let it shine and light the world up with love

131. go forth

get on the boat and navigate

sometimes you sail

sometimes you fail

but every single time you live and learn on the trail

every moment of life is a precious gift

a chance to grow that is only there at this present moment, so live in it

be it

make it

live it

do it!

128. creation

just as the sky forms beautiful sculptures out of thin air, reflecting all colors, shapes and sizes, so can you be the sculptor of your own reality

work with what this world has given you

accept everything you are and everything you are not

give thanks for everything that has been given and taken away from you

create not for you, but for the joy of creating

create for everyone!

let your creations be in service to light and freedom, love and laughter

go, play!

in the words of mark whitwell, stop looking, start doing