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171. bread & pickle

sitting right at the edge of the water

castle-like gables invite everyone

to unwind and bask in the glory of a perfect summer day at the lake

boats lazily bobbing up and down

ducks quacking about

people hanging out

a cool breeze and rolling clouds

come into a perfect dance with the sun


114. summer has landed in san francisco

it’s official: summer is over in the us.

which naturally only means one thing for san franciscans: summer fun has just begun.

the city knows our love for travel, she knows we will not be here most summer weekends.

so she patiently waits for our return.

when everywhere else starts losing warmth, she kicks in and turns up the heat.

the people flock to the open spaces.

parks, outdoor cafés and beaches become our stage.

the so-called indian summer reminds everyone that there is such a thing as a sunny san francisco.

those who laugh last, laugh best.

108. summer

sun warming our bodies, our minds, our hearts.

water cooling us down, inside and out.

friends to laugh and play with.

smiles and dancing.

eating and drinking.

digging your toes in the sand.

waving your hands in the wind.

life is beautiful.