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164. brays bayou

a small body of water

is enough to remind you

just how alive and connected we are

to everything else

140. sunset in alamo square

sunrise, sunset

sun rises, yet again

a beautiful gift, one more day

one more time

one more chance

one more gift we receive to give love

to live life

what a blessing

what a miracle it is

that we get to live every single day

one more time

use this gift

make love, give love, be love

111. sunset in san francisco

the sun setting in san francisco is one rare, beautiful gift I get to see from my window.

the ever present clouds part for a little while sometimes, letting the splendorous sun warm us before it takes a dip in the pacific ocean.

the rolling hills, the houses, trees, dogs and their owners revel in the tiny bits of sunshine that surprise us every now and then.