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145. family

what makes us kin?

is it blood, is it likeness? is it closeness, is it kindness?

what are the bonds that tie us together?

once we see that we are all one

then we can see our selves as we are

all connected, all woven together

we are the threads that make up this rug that is the universe

one love

one family


144. keep it weird

an oasis of free spirits in a land of mostly outdated, backward, petroleum-fueled thinking

this city is best described by its motto: keep austin weird

good food, live music, perfect weather

a thriving biking culture, brave to ride amidst reckless gas-guzzling suv’s

beautiful people, inside and out

i felt a sense of place and community that is rare to find in this country

this grassroots, earth-rammed bike park was packed with austin’s finest and most eclectic

a fitting irony, that the capital of texas is now one of the most progressive and liberal cities in the united states


143. rain

just like sun, we need rain

without the wet, there is no dry

if it was never cold, gray, tempestuous and dark,

how could we ever understand and appreciate bright, sunny, hot, breezy days?

neither is better

both are essential

opposite elements in nature give us a clue as to what opposite forces live within us

rain invites us to go inside

dwell inside to contemplate our self

go to the opposite places in your mind, heart, body and soul

know them well

with this knowledge, you can live in the middle

live in love

rediscovering the love that always is, you are in complete balance

thank you rain

142. the great wall

snaking along the northern asian mountains

the great wall of china still stands

a testimony to the lack of unity in mankind

a reminder that we must all get past history

past our differences, shed all fear

that biggest of illusions, that impedes us

from remembering that the only reality is love

that we are all part of one loving one

the great monument is not the stones, the parapets, the steps

it is the majestic mountain range

undulating the surface of the earth as far as my eyes can see

that display of nature’s magnificence is greatness, beauty, awe

humbled by the great mother

gratitude for life fills my soul


141. la carreta tica

my grandfather tito

whenever i asked him “¿cómo estás?”

he would always reply the same way,

“empujando la carreta” (pushing the ox cart) he would say

a national symbol and icon of joy for all ticos,

a tradition that embodies so much of who we are

no two carretas are the same

always uniquely hand-painted according to the creativity of the artist

they are put in motion thanks to the efforts of a graceful animal

the wheels are a costa rican mandala

you can observe them forever

meditating on love and beauty

the carreta is a humble reminder of a life more connected with the natural world





140. sunset in alamo square

sunrise, sunset

sun rises, yet again

a beautiful gift, one more day

one more time

one more chance

one more gift we receive to give love

to live life

what a blessing

what a miracle it is

that we get to live every single day

one more time

use this gift

make love, give love, be love

139. trees

head in the heavens, feet firmly rooted, deep below the earth

dancing, swaying, celebrating with the wind

sequestering what is superfluous

turning it into what we need

giving out all that is good

being a habitat for life to thrive

striving, reaching out for the sun

let us learn from these patient, noble, loving beings

138. gandhi

whenever you think your task at hand is too overwhelming, remember gandhi

he did not stop at words, concepts or theories

turning thought into action

he set his intentions on peace, freedom, rights and equality for all

through the tools of satyagraha – holding on to the truth, and ahimsa – nonviolence

he moved the hearts and minds of countless beings, opening the world’s eyes to remind us of the oneness of everything

let us remember we are all one

as such, let us be only love

have only love to give and receive

in mahatma’s words, let us be the change that we want to see in the world

137. mom & dad

i love talking to my parents

not just because they are my best friends

since they still live in costa rica, i get to hear about what is important in life back home

down there, the big news is not about the latest stock or gadget

the big news is that it hasn’t rained in two days during rainy season

the big news is that the avocado trees in the yard are giving so much that they’re giving them away and still there are too many

the simplicity and beauty of life is what i am reminded of when i talk to them

this view of the rising sun over the mountains was taken standing on the roof that my parents built for us to live and thrive in

i now am able to grow, standing on the foundations that they built

without their love, support and encouragement, these images and words would not be meeting your eyes today

136. el caricaco

the beach nomads

hermit crabs protect their vulnerable tails out of found objects in the sand

when they outgrow their mobile home, they get together and make a line by size

then, in an act of cooperation, they let go of their shell and take the bigger vacant one

dancing a conga line together to survive

we call them caricacos in costa rica

they love coconut and, like kids, will swarm to anything sweet

i saw a giant one the size of a bowling ball when i was a kid

i was so amazed by its size

i then understood that anything in this life is possible

just one of the beautiful inhabitants of our beaches

a mentor for all who are willing to learn

observe nature, endless answers will then unfold