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taliesin west



day two at greenbuild, arizona. had the gift to visit taliesin west, the ongoing experiment of what most consider to be the greatest architect of the twentieth century, frank lloyd wright. this place is infused with spirit, the buildings are geometric abstractions, interpretations of the landscape, deeply rooted to their environment and purpose, ingeniously thought through, designed and redesigned time and again. this was frank’s residence during winter, when it got too cold in wisconsin. it quickly became a lab for exploring new ideas, and eventually became what it still is today, an architecture school where students learn by doing. as i was approaching the entrance, a sculpture of a family greeted me, mother, father and son. captured here is the face of sorrow of the native mother in stone. frank, it seems, had a deep admiration for native people, so do i. to see what happens at taliesin west, visit their site.