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107. a struggling relationship

the natural and the artificial.

that which is created naturally has always been the source of inspiration for that which has been crafted artificially by human beings since time immemorial.

our ingeniousness to fabricate machines to mimic the natural world and make our lives “easier” has grown out of control into a plethoric dependency we now can not do without.

our inevitable, unavoidable, addictive dependency on machines, and pillaging the earth to make, build and fuel these, has turned our relationship with the planet into a living paradox.

machines encompass everything from where we live, to the way we get around, from the way we communicate, to the comfort that we have come to expect.

it is an insatiable delusion for control that has caused us to ultimately ravage and destroy this planet, our home.

we now have almost complete control over our environment, time and space.

but at what cost?

we must reconsider our relationship with our planet and one another from one of dominion to one of communion.