your daily dose of spiritual food

hayes valley

130. park(ing) day 2010

last friday, communities all over the world gathered around to put people first, cars second

we took two parking spots, and made a public park for a day, with picnic benches, plants, balloons, laid back chairs, people and pizza

biking back home that day, i stumbled on this beautiful metaphor of a parking spot

a red sports car, covered in earth and grass, with a pig playing on top

imagine the possibilities

imagine the beauty that our cities could bring to our life

if instead of being surrounded by ominous machines, having our sidewalks embraced by grass, benches and art coming to our soul’s rescue.

to see our park(ing) spots, go here

118. hunger

a dog sticks its tongue out, its gaze fixed on a bird nearby.

its whole behavior is transfixed by the roar in its belly.

a fascinating force within us takes control.

the cells in our bodies orchestrate an unexplainable demand to live, to grow, to thrive, to consume.

like a fire inside, we are obliged to keep feeding it, so that they may keep on going.

this desire to live keeps the world turning, always moving, never stopping.