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167. la basílica de los ángeles

hundreds of thousands of romeros

costa rican pilgrims, from all walks of life

they take the streets to cartago, the old capital

once a year, the country comes to a halt

the masses walk as one

their strife ends on their knees, inside the basílica

face to face with ‘la negrita’

la virgen de los ángeles

they come with prayers

to give thanks

to ask for their loved ones

to meditate on how to become

the highest version of your self


another day comes to a close over the mountains in cartago.

yet, just before the night can cover us in its brilliant darkness, a moment occurs where words have no place.

when the sun’s rays are still lingering, turning on the surfaces, the clouds come to life.

a flying phoenix, galloping horses, creatures soaring, an epic battle, a glorious dance, it all takes place above us.

most will not even notice it.

yet some will fall to their knees in awe at this creation.


an old dog led the way up the stone steps to the ‘mirador’, a spot with great views of mountains and volcanoes, and picnic tables somewhere past cartago, costa rica’s first capital. the moment it turned back to look at me, instead of a dog, i saw the gaze of a wise, white wolf. a deep respect for this animal and the ancient land it was on took over me. i felt that same connection i keep coming back to (see posts 42 & 25), a oneness with all things, an indescribable energy that binds us all to be as one.