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puerto jiménez

180. little crab exploring out of its hole

venturing out into the unknown

can be scary

it can be very fun as well

the choice is made inside your self

enjoy the present

it is all there is

and it is all yours


barely biking on a beaten, borrowed bicycle on the dirt roads of puerto jiménez, my pedaling feet led me to some fascinating places. after a day in a remote beach where some people gave me some watermelon and pineapple out of their own good heart, i met these great local people along the dusty road. in this wood and tin metal melange, fabiola, karina, jefferson, maikol, miguel, mariela, and matilda make the place a real and beautiful home. clothes of all colors hanging out to dry under the ocean sunny breeze give the place a fun and vibrant setting against the greenery, while the kids out playing make it come alive. once they saw me and i said hello, we were all playing and loving a fun improv photo shoot, they even called out the whole family to join in the fun. good love was all around.


i arrived today at puerto jiménez at península de osa. walking around the mangroves, we saw a huge vulture sitting in a branch very close to us. after stopping to marvel at the gigantic, somber bird, a family of ‘carablanca’ cappuccino monkeys were slowly making their way through the jungle canopy, swiftly jumping from branch to branch. for a second, one of them gazed straight at me, and then kept going about. that quick glance deeply resonated, just like the kitty (see post 25) a while ago. those huge, deep black eyes, the intelligence and severity of its demeanor, the intricate knowledge of its own surroundings, not in nature but of nature, divinity seemed to course through its veins.