your daily dose of spiritual food


165. tiny twig


like an explosion of fireworks

a tiny twig soars through the air

culminating in delicate leaves

luminous flares of yellow and purple

reaching out for the light

163. daulatabad fort

the passage of time can be mysterious and elusive

five minutes in despair can feel like an eternity

while a whole day in joy and laughter can fly by our eyes

ancient rocks carved hundreds of years ago speak to us

still standing, they form a sacred shelter amid ruins of a bygone era

yet a very present conversation is still carried forth

new feet still step inside

generations upon generations come

with their hopes and dreams

anxieties and fears

our troubles are but a drop in the ocean

to these stones who have seen the ages come and go

they know that the ocean is but a drop in comparison to the infinite universe that is love

160. cotton candy

every little bit counts

no matter how big or how small

how grand and magnificent

or how worthless or insignificant

your efforts may seem to you

keep doing them

because they matter

actions matter

whether you realize that

or not

life thrives on life

so just being alive

is a contribution

just breathing in and out

is a start

take it from there

and the rest will follow

believe in yourself

your actions will speak for themselves

148. monkey mind

after spending days with the hanuman langirs, i question the old cliché

a monkey’s mind is more calm and present than a frantic human’s mind caught in the rat race (i question that one too)

it is the human mind that is typically always jumping from one thought to another

getting stuck in the past, or worrying about the future, one is unable to attain stillness

but if you remain in the present moment, your thoughts and actions become clear, calm, collected

love, light and joy then come to you, emanate through  you, become you

love is what you really are

everything else is an illusory obstacle

let the illusion go

let love in

147. india

land of contrasts

holiness and commercialism

purity and filth

obesity and emaciation

excess wealth and extreme poverty

all walks of life miraculously coexist with each other

different faiths and views of life side by side in an overpopulated land

all managing to somehow get along

this land is an amazing example of the resilience of humanity to survive against all odds

regardless of the circumstances, the sun keeps on shining, the children are still smiling, the cows safely wandering