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111. sunset in san francisco

the sun setting in san francisco is one rare, beautiful gift I get to see from my window.

the ever present clouds part for a little while sometimes, letting the splendorous sun warm us before it takes a dip in the pacific ocean.

the rolling hills, the houses, trees, dogs and their owners revel in the tiny bits of sunshine that surprise us every now and then.


i had a nice date with the pavement this morning.

as i was biking down the embarcadero to work, looking up at the beautiful sky, waving my hands at the rising sun, the front wheel got stuck on a crack in the concrete.

before we even had a chance to get to know each other, down i went for a passionate kiss before an audience of morning commuters, dog-walkers and runners.

bike wheels up in the air, sprawled in the concrete, a big, fat smile on my face let a passer-by know that I was okay (or crazy, or both).

either way, he kept going. and so did i.

so i was a little dazed and confused at work all day today.

to make things a little more interesting, i’m still a little rattled from that winter cold sickness that’s going around this time of the year. i can’t help but laugh at times at the office when it sounds like a coughing competition, a throat grunting dialect. a tribal chant, a guttural, primal calling of sorts taking place at random moments throughout the day.

it’s a snowball effect. a small cough in one corner ends up as a head-turning, resonating sneezing fit at another.

hands and knuckles, left knee and elbow scratched, swollen and red. nice, throbbing reminders that life courses through this body.