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121. language

how do we communicate?

we attempt to use numbers and figures, words and symbols.

but only too often, these are the grounds for miscommunication, which leads to confusion, fear, hatred, violence.

how else can we understand one another?

the language of the heart is universal.

if we could all tune in to our hearts and learn to love each other as one, communication would be easy.

a compassionate smile can say and do more than all the words the mind has ever created.

83. banksy

today i went banksy hunting.

there is so much to say about this brilliant artist, a living epitome of meaning, uniqueness and talent in an age so devoid of it.

san francisco has been graced with his presence this past week (coinciding with his hilarious film exit through the gift shop). banksy seems to have ignited a reaction and a resonance with everyone.

he seems to be enjoying himself, visiting (and leaving his mark) on the prominent sites of this beautiful city (check out his site to see where he has been), downtown, mission, haight-ashbury, alcatraz, even the mountains, where he shows bin laden inviting you to laden him on a ruin overlooking the golden gate bridge.

i quickly planned a route, got my camera, hopped on my bike and was on my way.

i was amazed by what i saw upon arriving to the first piece of my trip (the one in chinatown).

not only had someone tried to erase it already by covering it over with yellow paint, but it was now restored and protected!

having recognized the beauty, value and rarity of it, someone cleaned it up, drilled acrylic panel covers on top of it and placed signs in both chinese and typical chinatown english stating: ‘please help us preserve this piece of art! it’s very hard to get it, and destroying it means the lost for everybody!’

i couldn’t help but smile at this great ‘only in san francisco’ moment, where even a piece of graffiti can be understood for its transcendental value and be embraced and acclaimed by the city and its people, as opposed to typical rejection and elimination. i’m not sure what banksy would think of this, but i am sure he’d get a kick out of it.

his themes tend to remind us of the need for (or lack of) peace, love and open mindedness in this world, with a great and dark sense of humor.

this chinatown piece shows a physician attending a sick patient (peace + love).

the storekeeper of the place smiled at my blatant admiration for her wall, and she proudly offered me some free samples of some food item I could not recognize.

my love for this city keeps growing.

thanks for visiting.