your daily dose of spiritual food

costa rica

180. little crab exploring out of its hole

venturing out into the unknown

can be scary

it can be very fun as well

the choice is made inside your self

enjoy the present

it is all there is

and it is all yours

174. dragonfly perched on a hibiscus petal

fragile and impermanent

in a constant state of change

life is fleeting

it comes

it goes

through the fluctuations

remain present

enjoy every single moment

every single breath

you are whole

one with everything and everyone around you

167. la basílica de los ángeles

hundreds of thousands of romeros

costa rican pilgrims, from all walks of life

they take the streets to cartago, the old capital

once a year, the country comes to a halt

the masses walk as one

their strife ends on their knees, inside the basílica

face to face with ‘la negrita’

la virgen de los ángeles

they come with prayers

to give thanks

to ask for their loved ones

to meditate on how to become

the highest version of your self

166. irazú




when clouds start forming

know that a storm may come

darkness will envelop you

rain will fall

so go outside

face the rain and start dancing

remember always

high beyond the clouds

the sun is shining

158. la neblina

up in the mountains at volcán irazú

tiny wildflowers and a soft carpet of grass become the edges of the road

a fence made of branches

gives monumental scale to the ancient tree

a silent, standing, patient witness to the curtains of mist

showering the earth below

157. canicas

a playful metaphor of the universe

an explosion set in motion

by a child’s flick of the wrist

each marble a planet, a star, a galaxy

in orbit with the baby blue chalk rings

upon the gray concrete space

the glass spheres collide with each other

particles crashing

sent forth in every direction

beautiful, random, spontaneous chaos

contrasting with the ordered, predesigned framework

appreciate life

by seeing and feeling opposite forces at play with each other

without chaos, could we understand order?

152. golfo de nicoya

out at sea

thoughts process in different patterns

not the familiar, solid earth underneath your feet

deep waters meet the skies above

the horizon stretches out

beckoning your gaze beyond what the eye can hold when on land

you see far, yet you walk little

the contradicting situation grants you a moment

to sit still and contemplate the vastness

to remind oneself of the smallness of you

of the limitlessness of life

and the fact that you are part of it

thus, in fact, you are not small

you are endless

151. poró gigante

a wild pigeon contemplates the horizon at the top of a giant poró

this enormous, graceful tree paints the costa rican landscape with its vibrant colors

each bright brushstroke is a petal from a curvaceous flower that the tree so elegantly displays

nature gives us this beautiful masterpiece in a bright sunny day

a silent reminder of the miracle and endless wonder of life

i am grateful for sharing space with this creation


150. escuela metálica

a memorable landmark in the heart of costa rica’s capital, the escuela buenaventura corrales is one of the few remaining jewels standing in the small city of san josé

designed and prefabricated in belgium, it was then shipped to limón, costa rica’s caribbean port, in 1892.

it has been restored and is boasting the splendor it once held over a century ago.

it is one of the lone bastions in the center of san josé that wants to kindle the hopes of many that dream that this city will one day be a safe, clean and beautiful cultural threshold to the boundless natural treasures that this small country is privileged to contain.


149. imagination is everything

einstein said “imagination is everything. it is the preview of life’s coming attractions”.

what can a physicist teach us about the way we live our lives each and every day?

be mindful of what fills your mind.

pay attention.

remain conscious.

whatever thought and feeling you generate is what you are creating for your life.

if you worry, then worrying is what you will get.

worries are only as real as you allow them to be.

so stop worrying, and you will see how quickly the feeling fades.

you will realize that worrying is a delusion.

in its place, a nice empty plot of land in your mind becomes available.

why not fill it up with something substantial?

why not love?

if you love, then love is what you will get.

go ahead, try it.


start with your self.

wake up early and watch how light fills up the world.

just like that, let light fill your self.


141. la carreta tica

my grandfather tito

whenever i asked him “¿cómo estás?”

he would always reply the same way,

“empujando la carreta” (pushing the ox cart) he would say

a national symbol and icon of joy for all ticos,

a tradition that embodies so much of who we are

no two carretas are the same

always uniquely hand-painted according to the creativity of the artist

they are put in motion thanks to the efforts of a graceful animal

the wheels are a costa rican mandala

you can observe them forever

meditating on love and beauty

the carreta is a humble reminder of a life more connected with the natural world





139. trees

head in the heavens, feet firmly rooted, deep below the earth

dancing, swaying, celebrating with the wind

sequestering what is superfluous

turning it into what we need

giving out all that is good

being a habitat for life to thrive

striving, reaching out for the sun

let us learn from these patient, noble, loving beings

137. mom & dad

i love talking to my parents

not just because they are my best friends

since they still live in costa rica, i get to hear about what is important in life back home

down there, the big news is not about the latest stock or gadget

the big news is that it hasn’t rained in two days during rainy season

the big news is that the avocado trees in the yard are giving so much that they’re giving them away and still there are too many

the simplicity and beauty of life is what i am reminded of when i talk to them

this view of the rising sun over the mountains was taken standing on the roof that my parents built for us to live and thrive in

i now am able to grow, standing on the foundations that they built

without their love, support and encouragement, these images and words would not be meeting your eyes today

136. el caricaco

the beach nomads

hermit crabs protect their vulnerable tails out of found objects in the sand

when they outgrow their mobile home, they get together and make a line by size

then, in an act of cooperation, they let go of their shell and take the bigger vacant one

dancing a conga line together to survive

we call them caricacos in costa rica

they love coconut and, like kids, will swarm to anything sweet

i saw a giant one the size of a bowling ball when i was a kid

i was so amazed by its size

i then understood that anything in this life is possible

just one of the beautiful inhabitants of our beaches

a mentor for all who are willing to learn

observe nature, endless answers will then unfold

134. talamanca

the first rays of the sun caress the mountains and dance with the clouds

a new day begins

light comes in through our eyes, into our hearts and minds, warming our body and soul

igniting us to wake up and embrace the gift of a new day

no matter what came before, or what will come after

only what you have right now, within you

let it shine and light the world up with love

129. pura vida

yesterday costa rica celebrated its independence

we are one of the smallest, yet happiest nations in the planet

we only cover 0.1% of the planet’s surface, yet hold a brilliant, beautiful and diverse 5% of the world’s biodiversity

25% of our country is revered and protected as national parks, most of the rest of it still looks like one

we are the only country in the world to not decrease or sustain, but increase our forest coverage, 100% in the last 20 years

95% of our energy is provided by our mother earth, from wind, hydroelectric and geothermal sources

we are the first nation to abolish its army, and public education is free and mandatory

our wealth is not measured in money, skyscrapers, or possessions

our wealth is measured in our ancient trees, rivers, waterfalls, mountains, volcanoes, beaches, frogs, butterflies, birds, dolphins, turtles, monkeys, whales, humans, the list goes on

our way of life is encapsulated on our most famous saying, ‘ pura vida ‘

so if you ever find yourself drawn to our nation, please visit it with respect for its people and places

support and visit the places that are ecologically mindful, and do not spend a cent on those huge hotels that are scarring the face of our coasts

we must send a message to everyone on this planet that it is being in relationship with nature what really matters in this life, not owning it and looking down on it to do as you please with it

support, play, celebrate and participate with our people, biologists, artists, campesinos and so many more that love our mother earth as much as they love love itself

paz, amor, alegría, pura vida costa rica!

125. don miguel

don miguel comes around the house every now and then

a simple, humble, wise, quiet, beautiful old man

all his life, he told me, he has sharpened knives for everyone

people need sharp knives to carry out their daily tasks, he says

a dull knife is useless, i keep it sharp for them

he keeps my heart enlightened

122. painting

red brushstrokes dance tickles on a little girl’s cheek

they come together to form a big heart

which is exactly what describes this moment

young or old, love breathes life into your soul

let it shine

119. playa sombrero

dawn yielding to sun rising over península de osa

at its emptiest, the low tide reveals the rock lines at the bottom of the ocean

waking with the sunrise, the slombering waves begin to swell

109. life

young and old, birth and death.

the beautiful circle of life continues.

it seems, at times, as if these were our wisest moments, at the beginning and at the end.

but are beginnings and endings just illusions? is not life always in a state of perpetual continuity?

does anything ever really begin? or end?

of course it does, does it?

regardless, it is this ‘during’ in which we live most of our lives.

that space between birth and death is our life.

as the old saying goes,

“yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery, today is a gift. that is why they call it the present.”

so take this gift. use it, be it, live it, in gratitude and happiness of receiving it.

do it.

105. pride

countless people all over the world celebrated gay pride this weekend.

it is a moment for all people, regardless of gender, race, age or sexual orientation to express their identity.

no one person is identical to anyone else.

in a crowded world full of unique beings, it is essential for all of us to recognize, respect and embrace our differences.

let us see past that which divides us and remember that we are all one.

104. the little things

kneeling at the edge where earth meets water, a child plays with sand and sea.

it is the simplest of things that can bring the greatest pleasures in life.

these times of quiet contemplation unconsciously bring you in communion with nature.

a silent dialogue ensues with the environment, the elements, the senses.

102. dog eyes

when someone faces you, you are in control of your reaction.

you can growl and gnash your teeth, or you can smile and wag your tail.

remember we are all part of one life.

each one of us has an impact, whether we want to make one or not.

knowing this, focus your every act on it being as positive and helpful to all as is possible.

we all play a part in this theater we are thrust upon.

own your part.

88. hortensias

every single hortensia is unique.

from a distance, you see only fluffy pockets strung together like clouds in the sky, bright cotton candy amongst the greenery.

as you get closer, the subtle nuances in color and shape begin to weave a rich tapestry.

before long, a universe unfolds itself before your eyes.

these orbs hold more life than one would expect.

countless colorful insects and spiders make hortensias their home.

one of nature’s boundless, beautiful gifts.