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51. el colibrí

an inquisitive hummingbird stops beating its iridescent wings to rest on a twigling of a branch right in front of my nose. it stays there, just long enough to strike a pose, extending its head in curiosity at my deep fascination with it. the light reflecting on its feathers changes colors with each movement, a flash of blue here, a dash of yellow there, tucked among infinite shades of feathery greens. the bird quickly takes flight again to satisfy its sweet beak in the sugary nectars at monteverde. one of costa rica’s unique jewels, this cloud forest thrives with an unending abundance of wildlife. hummingbirds of all sizes and colors flock to the feeders, their wings creating a vibrating symphony of sound and color as they zip and swoosh all around you. i stood mesmerized at the sacred dance in flight happening all around me.