your daily dose of spiritual food

somewhere thousands of feet up in the air

128. creation

just as the sky forms beautiful sculptures out of thin air, reflecting all colors, shapes and sizes, so can you be the sculptor of your own reality

work with what this world has given you

accept everything you are and everything you are not

give thanks for everything that has been given and taken away from you

create not for you, but for the joy of creating

create for everyone!

let your creations be in service to light and freedom, love and laughter

go, play!

in the words of mark whitwell, stop looking, start doing

91. dreams

yesterday i heard we spend about a third of out lives sleeping.

some studies suggest that about two hours every night of our lives we dream.

this means we live for about six years in dreams.

i rarely ever remember my dreams.

i feel robbed, cheated, deprived out of  the most precious, random, unpredictable subconscious recesses of my self.

this blue orb we live in holds so many wonderful creations, imagine the boundless ones that reside in that world of dreams beyond space and time.

i wish i could remember my dreams.