your daily dose of spiritual food


169. handwoven split palm fronds in a desert village

each one of us is a strand


we are linked together

dancing into the spiral

our paths cross

forming patterns

together we are one

120. al jasrah

life is a constant threshold

you are free to open or close the door

to go through or to stay put

this is your choice

you can choose to be open to give, open to receive

if you open your self, the world opens to you

98. big bird

i love birds.

at times, i wish i could be soaring the sky, gliding effortlessly through the air.

yet, not all birds are created equal.

in the heat of the middle eastern kingdom of bahrain, staring down at me were two large, unblinking, piercing eyes, a menacing red throat and matching temples, crowned by golden spikes coming out of its head, tips black as if dipped in poison, all framed in a black void visage of doom.

inches away from my face, this creature was more of a demon from hell.

a beautiful and rare bird, i was almost hypnotized by its entrancing gaze.

i could not help but laugh at myself at the grip this animal had on me.

wildlife has that unique rawness that connects it to the everythingness of this world, an unspoken energy that vibrates through all life.

that is what i felt as i stared deep into its eyes.

10. from the earth


as the water shapes the rocks at the falls, guided by the power of its flow, so does the water shapes the clay at the spinning wheel, guided by the hands of the gifted sculptor at ali pottery in bahrain. the hospitality, friendliness,  simplicity and humble virtue of the people of bahrain ignite the best in you.