your daily dose of spiritual food


177. lassen peak reflecting upon helen lake

how turbulent are the thoughts growing inside of you?

when the waters of the mind become calm

the reflection staring back at you is clear

these moments of clarity

allow a glimpse

into the real

into the boundless

beautiful self you embody

set sail onto the vast expanses of your mind

look for your reflection

what do you see

staring back at you?

170. a mountain at tahoe

a lonely rock juts out of the mountain

like pilgrims, the pine trees surround the massive monument

worshipping in silent reverence and awe

the stark, raw temple rising against the naked blue sky

162. chard


life seems to not make any sense at all at times

but there are moments when all the pieces come together

everything makes perfect sense

for an instant, all the pieces fit

only to see them all fall apart

as the veins are running through the leaves

so are ours running through our bodies

pumping blood

gushing life

in and out

coming and going

it is this ebb and flow

this coming and going

of pain and suffering

pleasure and delight

that lets us appreciate life

in all its beautiful and diverse manifestations

159. on picking your nose

a sometimes irresistible urge

at times unconscious

we have been told a million times not to do it

yet, sooner or later, we all fall to temptation

just because the finger fits the hole, doesn’t mean you have to stick it in there

it’s hard to grow up

153. san francisco national cemetery


a metaphor of our own

as the fleeting butterfly beats its own wings

so does the heaving chest expand and contract

moving the same air

in and out

sending it forth

all the triumphs, all the failures

in, out

let them all be sources of wonder

every thought

every feeling

every moment

let it be



140. sunset in alamo square

sunrise, sunset

sun rises, yet again

a beautiful gift, one more day

one more time

one more chance

one more gift we receive to give love

to live life

what a blessing

what a miracle it is

that we get to live every single day

one more time

use this gift

make love, give love, be love

138. gandhi

whenever you think your task at hand is too overwhelming, remember gandhi

he did not stop at words, concepts or theories

turning thought into action

he set his intentions on peace, freedom, rights and equality for all

through the tools of satyagraha – holding on to the truth, and ahimsa – nonviolence

he moved the hearts and minds of countless beings, opening the world’s eyes to remind us of the oneness of everything

let us remember we are all one

as such, let us be only love

have only love to give and receive

in mahatma’s words, let us be the change that we want to see in the world

133. children

the little ones are the wisest of mentors

they teach through their actions, effortlessly wading through the waters of life

they care only for what matters: love

(and its countless manifestations, including laughing, smiling, playing, jumping, climbing, dancing, singing, hugging, kissing)

the older i grow, the bigger the child in me becomes

let us learn from the tiny masters

embrace the one within you, aching to come out and play!

carry out your day in service with humility, compassion, and all the powerful love and action your soul abounds with

and, most importantly,

have fun!

132. create

seek to consciously be with your creation

you are always creating

you are a creator, whether you intend to or not

consciously or subconsciously, you are creating your world around you

seek your art, discover it, work it, explore it, share it, give it to the world

do not let yourself be stopped by obstacles

distractions and diversions will always be there

pour your love into your creation

let your light shine and let it be a guiding force for you and everyone around you

130. park(ing) day 2010

last friday, communities all over the world gathered around to put people first, cars second

we took two parking spots, and made a public park for a day, with picnic benches, plants, balloons, laid back chairs, people and pizza

biking back home that day, i stumbled on this beautiful metaphor of a parking spot

a red sports car, covered in earth and grass, with a pig playing on top

imagine the possibilities

imagine the beauty that our cities could bring to our life

if instead of being surrounded by ominous machines, having our sidewalks embraced by grass, benches and art coming to our soul’s rescue.

to see our park(ing) spots, go here