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half dome


from human-made towers in asia to earth-made peaks in california, half-dome presents a unique form of skyscraper. there is no elevator that will wisk you up to the top of this rock. in its place there is a make-shift ladder consisting of precarious two by four’s and stringy steel cables anchored to the rock. the flimsy cables defy you to brave up to the climb. breathtaking panoramic views open up in every direction, as if you needed any more breath taken out of you. if you look closely, you will notice this “ladder” and a few brave souls in the climb. after hours of hiking up to the base of this mammoth rock, a pile of gloves from past curteous climbers greets you at the start of the climb. stacked flat rock sculptures and elated people welcome you at the top, not to mention one of the greatest feelings of exhaustion and satisfaction.